Cesium formate fluids from Sinomine Specialty Fluids have delivered highly productive wells for more than 20 years without any well control incidents at temperatures as high as 235°C (455°F) and pressures up to 1,126 bar (16,331 psi). From the North Sea to the South China Sea and the Caspian to Hungary, our fluids have overcome some of the toughest challenges the oil and gas industry faces.

Cesium formate fluids for drilling, completions, workovers and interventions

BP, ConocoPhillips, Equinor, Petrobras, Saudi Aramco, Shell, Total and many other operators have relied on our fluids in some of their most challenging well-construction operations. They’ve seen that our ‘performance through simplicity’ philosophy works. They understand that we do not need to overcomplicate our formulations with many – or any – additives. That the naturally stable high density of cesium formate brine, coupled with its remarkable monovalent, alkaline and low water activity properties, deliver exceptional multi-applicational versatility. Moreover, they’ve seen the additional savings in time and cost through simplifying operations further by drilling and completing in the same cesium formate fluid.

Cesium formate brine delivers extreme operational versatility.

Cesium formate fluids are available in densities from 1.57 g/cm3 to 2.30 g/cm3 (13.1 lb/gal to 19.2 lb/gal). Talk to us about how cesium formate fluids can make the difference to your next well construction.

Reservoir drill-in and completion fluids

Maximise reservoir productivity with our low-solids, non-damaging drill-in and completion fluids made from cesium formate brine. They’re ideal for optimising and simplifying challenging reservoir drilling and completion operations. The high versatility of cesium formate drill-in and completion fluids delivers field-proven solutions for:

  • Drill-in fluids
  • Screen-running fluids
  • Gravel-pack fluids
  • Perforation pills
  • Fluid-loss systems
Our cesium formate drill-in and completion fluids have been used by leading operators for over twenty years.

The unique properties of cesium formate base brine give rise to a whole range of valuable benefits, such as higher rate of penetration (ROP), low equivalent circulating density (ECD), stable shales, no stuck pipe and excellent well control. Those operators that use it both for drill-in and completion operations see the largest efficiency gains, including elimination of fluid displacement and cleanup time. For more information, please see our video, Drill-in and Completion brochure and Save Weeks Drilling and Completing brochure.

Performance drilling fluids

Cesium formate forms powerful drilling fluids to optimise drilling operations safely and effectively. The special properties inherent in cesium formate fluids deliver major benefits, such as enhanced well control, faster ROP, lower ECD, minimal non-productive time, better hydraulics and lower torque and drag values for extended-reach and high-angle drilling.

To understand how cesium formate performance drilling fluids deliver superior results for our customers, please see our Unlock your Reservoir brochure.

Clear brine fluids

Cesium formate brine delivers a safe, trouble-free hydrostatic barrier for clean completions, workovers, suspensions and interventions. They’ve proven their worth for operators across the globe as effective:

  • Completion brines
  • Workover fluids
  • Intervention fluids
  • Suspension fluids
  • Packer fluids
Cesium formate fluids come in densities from 1.57 g/cm3 to
2.30 g/cm3 (13.1 lb/gal to 19.2 lb/gal).

These remarkable fluids with their unique mix of properties provide key benefits, including faster, cleaner and safer operations, reduced operational risk and lower environmental impact. For more information, please download our Clear Brine Fluids brochure.

In 2015, well engineering consultancy Ridge AS completed a study of 89 North Sea wells. Ridge concluded that formate fluids outperform other fluids to deliver significant rig-time savings for both openhole and cased and perforated completions by enabling more time-efficient solutions. The study is summarised here.

Special application fluids

Our fast-acting, safe and environmentally friendly special application fluids based on solids-free, high-density cesium formate brine are perfect for:

Releasing stuck pipe

Our special application fluids act quickly to disrupt oil-based mud (OBM) filter cake and swiftly release differentially stuck pipe.

Dissolving hydrates

With their natural, solids-free high densities, our hydrate dissolution fluids use their weight to ‘slump down’ the wellbore and dissolve hydrate plugs quickly and safely without the need for costly intervention tools.

Forming debris barriers

Our fluids enable the continued function of critical valves and ports during completions to hinder mud solids settling.

Download the Special Application Fluids brochure to find out more.

Breaking filter cake

OBM emulsions are disrupted resulting in break up of filter cake. Special application fluids are also effective at weighting up chelating agents, such as EDTA, and acid precursors.

Reservoir perforating

Our non-damaging fluids form effective perforating pills with fluid-loss control.

We support you

We are headquartered in Aberdeen, Scotland and operate globally, with sales offices and stock points for cesium formate brines strategically located around the world. No other company matches our experience, expertise and pure dedication to formate fluids. The Sinomine Specialty Fluids skilled team of field engineers is waiting to assist operations anywhere in the world and well-equipped laboratories in Aberdeen and Bergen provide customised fluid formulations, fluid analyses, troubleshooting and technical advice.

As the leading supplier of cesium formate fluids and the global authority on formate brines, we have built up a wealth of knowledge and expertise in this specialist area from hundreds of challenging jobs. See our brochures, case histories and extensive Formate Technical Manual for more information.

We manage the largest stock of cesium formate brine in the world.