Sinomine Specialty Fluids is the world’s leading supplier of cesium formate fluids to the oil and gas industry. Since 1999, we’ve supplied many of the largest oil and gas companies with these remarkable fluids for their most challenging drilling, completion, intervention and workover operations.

We are headquartered in Aberdeen, Scotland and operate globally, with sales offices and stock points strategically located around the world. Our highly committed team contains the world’s most experienced and skilled group of formate fluid experts. With over 400 successful formate applications behind us, we’ll ensure the best cesium formate fluid formulations for your well construction operations.

Our philosophy

We believe in ‘performance through simplicity’. We don’t like to over-complicate matters, which is good, because we don’t need to. Cesium formate is unique. No other base brine has such a mix of operation-enhancing qualities, which means additives are significantly reduced or cut altogether. It means that our fluids are truly multi-functional, providing operators with the flexibility to drill and complete in exactly the same fluid, or to use cesium formate for a wide range of other applications. Learn more about cesium formate’s properties and applications by downloading our brochures and Formate Technical Manual.

Our unique cesium formate brine has been trusted by leading oil and gas operators for challenging drilling, completion, workover and intervention operations for over twenty years.

Assured supply of cesium formate

We own and operate the Tanco mine in Manitoba, Canada. Here we extract pollucite ore, the base for cesium formate fluids. The Tanco mine contains the majority of the known global reserves of this rare mineral, so we are assured of stock for decades to come. Furthermore, as part of Sinomine, we have access to additional reserves and mining expertise to complement our own resources.

Part of the Sinomine Resource Group

Established in 1996 as part of Cabot Corporation, our company was purchased in June 2019 by Sinomine (Hong Kong) Rare Metals Resources Co. Limited, itself part of Sinomine Resource Group Co., Ltd. Sinomine Resource Group is a public company, headquartered in China, with over 20 subsidiaries globally. The group’s main businesses include geological exploration, mining investment and base-metal chemicals manufacture.