We provide two useful software tools for anyone working with formate brines. One is DensiCalcTM, the density and pressure calculator, and the other is PVTCalcTM, which provides fluid densities, compressibility data and thermal expansion coefficients.

Download DensiCalcTM for free!

DensiCalcTM calculates densities and pressures for the entire formate brine density range from 1.01 to 2.30 g/cm3/8.34 to 19.20 lb/gal. It utilises field-validated PVT data from PLT logs and surface-density readings to establish:

  • Average brine density over the length of the wellbore
  • Riser margin (if offshore)
  • Pressure at user-selected points in the wellbore
  • Temperatures at user-selected points in the wellbore
  • Pressure exerted at sea-floor level by the brine column in the riser (if offshore)
  • Brine density at standard (15.6°C/60°F) and user-defined temperature conditions

With this latest version of DensiCalcTM, you can work with as many as five wells simultaneously and also save data for future use. DensiCalcTM 6.00 is compatible with Windows 2000 or above and is entirely free to download and use.

DensiCalcTM is used for calculating pressures and fluid densities.

PVTCalcTM — the formate fluids thermodynamics calculator

Our unique and user friendly PVTCalcTM software calculates fluid density, compressibility and thermal expansion coefficients for potassium formate brines (1.00 to 1.57 g/cm3/ 8.3 to 13.1 lb/gal), blends of potassium and cesium formate brines (1.57 to 2.20 g/cm3/13.1 to
18.4 lb/gal, and cesium formate brines (2.20 to 2.30 g/cm3/18.4 to 19.2 lb/gal). Properties are calculated for temperatures up to 250°C (482°F) and pressures up to 30,000 psi (2,068 bar). The model used for these calculations is based on measured PVT data.

As DensiCalcTM, our PVTCalcTM software is free to download and use. Please email us for your copy.

Take advantage of our free PVTCalcTM thermodynamics calculator.